Implementation of the Project is coming to the end

April 15, 2016

On April 13, 2016 was held a press visit for journalists in institutions covered by the Project. The visit was to show the effects of ongoing work and the progress in the implementation of the Project.
The visit was attended by journalists from the district- and regional media. Local and regional authorities were represented by Ms. Agata Zięba – the Limanowa District Board Member, Mrs. Elwira Handzel-Stochel – Project Manager and the Head of the Development, Investment Projects and Acquisition of External Funds Department in the Limanowa District Office, Ms. Monika Nawalaniec – Director of the District Family Assistance Centre, Ms. Justyna Tokarczyk – Head of Promotion Bureau in the Limanowa District Office, Mr. Mateusz Pietrzak – Promotion Officer in the Development, Investment Projects and Acquisition of External Funds Department, Ms. Małgorzata Szafrańska – Head of Nursing Home in Limanowa, Ms. Małgorzata Łukasik – Head of Nursing Home in Mszana Dolna and Ms. Monika Kowalczyk – Head of Nursing Home in Szczyrzyc.
During the visit there were clearly highlighted the questions of added value and impact of the Financial Mechanism support.

The project summary /Video/

New equipment for Nursing Homes

April 8, 2016

Thanks to the Project implementation, Nursing Homes in the Limanowa District gained new equipment, including:
-Specialized diagnostic equipment, rehabilitation- and care equipment:  Oxygen concentrator, a rehabilitation device PUR with accessories, medical suction device, belts for immobilization the patient, magnetic mat for rehabilitation purposes, bathing-and-transport lifts, tracks for rehabilitation purposes, electrically powered rotor, sunray lamp (so-called ‘solux’), rehabilitation armchairs for long-term residence, multifunctional (multipurpose) seats with hydraulic control of seat position settings and rehabilitation massage chairs,
-Furniture: Electrically-powered adjustable beds, cupboards, cabinets, chairs, tables, couches and armchairs,
-Catering equipment: Carts (Bain maries) for food transporting, convection oven - steam oven, the refrigerator, kitchen and dining room equipment and cutlery (plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, pans, etc.) and food processor for vegetables shredding,
-Equipment for laundry: washing machines, washer- and centrifuge devices, carts for transporting bed linen, equipment for cleaning large surfaces, polisher and cleaning trolleys,
-Gardening equipment: Garden lawn, secateurs, shears for branches, hoes, rakes, wheelbarrows, hedge trimmers, etc.
-Bed sheets, medical quilts, medical pillows, blankets and towels
-Curtains, drapes, blinds and curtain rods,
-Outdoor gym/fitness centre: Runner, twister / stepper, cross trainer, rider, bike and various Tai Chi wheels.

Residential and Nursing Home staff completed Training

February 29, 2016

On February 29 ended training for staff of Nursing Homes in Limanowa and Mszana Dolna. The aim of the training was to improve the skills of staff in the care of the elderly and disabled people. Training for employees helped to identify the needs of residents and diagnose any problems arising from the care of them. The training was attended by 110 people, including 66 people from the Nursing Home in Limanowa and 44 people from the Nursing Home in Mszana Dolna.

Subsequent phases of the project implementation

January 25,2016

The routine medical checkups among the residents of the nursing home in Szczyrzyc are still in progress. These checkups began in October last year and will be continued until the end of April 2016. By the end of April it will also be purchased other equipment for Nursing Houses, including specialized equipment for rehabilitation of residents.

Construction works in Limanowa Nursing Home completed

November 4, 2015

On September 30, 2015 the construction works in Nursing Home in Limanowa have been completed. The last part of the work consisted of: painting inside the Nursing Home’s premises, protection of walls, doors and corners, repair of yards and sidewalks around the Nursing Home, repair and modernization of the electrical wiring systems, and last but not least - repair and modernization of bathrooms. In November the official acceptance of accomplished investment project stage was attended by: Mr. Jan Puchała, the Governor of Limanowa District, Mr. Mieczysław Uryga, Deputy Governor, and the Members of the Limanowa District Board – Ms. Agata Zięba and Mr. Jan Więcek. Additionally the acceptance ceremony was attended by, Mrs. Elwira Handzel-Stochel, the Project Team Leader, as well as contractors of construction works and Ms. Małgorzata Szafrańska, the Nursing Home Director. Photos made during the official acceptance you can see in the GALLERY section.

Preventive examinations for residents of the Nursing Home in Szczyrzyc!

October 15, 2015

In October 2015 started the cycle of preventive checkups for Szczyrzyc Nursing Home’s residents in the diagnosis of cancer. At the same time the occupational therapy (group therapy) came to an end. This therapy was attended by Nursing Homes residents with alcohol- and nicotine addiction, in the Nursing Homes in Limanowa, Mszana Dolna and Szczyrzyc. Preventive examinations are foreseen for the end of February 2016.

Meetings with Nursing Homes residents and staff

July 30. 2015

On Thursday, July 30, meetings were held with residents and staff of social welfare homes in Limanowa, Mszana Dolna and Szczyrzyc. These meetings aimed to provide information on the progress of the project, to show what actions have so far been achieved and what more is planned to be completed.
Moreover, the meetings’ organizers reminded everyone present what the project concerns, what is its purpose and duration, and with what sources it is financed. On the other hand, the nursing homes' staffs were informed of the need to preserve the sustainability of the project and about the projects and undertakings in which it is and will be personally involved.
Apart from the Nursing Homes’ Management, residents and staff, these meetings were attended by Ms. Agata Zięba – the Member of the Limanowa District Board, and also the Project Team members; one of them – Mrs. Elwira Handzel-Stochel – the Project Leader, Director of the Department of Development, Investment and Acquisition of External Resources in the Limanowa District Office was the person who led the conference. During the visit it was also displayed multimedia presentation summarizing knowledge about the project and showing the progress in its implementation.
These visits were a good opportunity to see the progress in construction work taking place in Nursing Homes in Limanowa and Mszana Dolna.

Mszana Dolna – construction works in Social Welfare Home are just completed

July 15, 2015.

More and better conditions for the attendees of nursing home in Mszana Dolna are now available. The contractor just completed another renovation works, which definitely improved the comfort of the Nursing Home community. These works started in January.
The cost of works performed amounted to almost PLN 220 thousand. It should be noted that 80% of this amount comes from funds raised by the district under the Programme PL 07 of the EEA Financial Mechanism, Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State budget, commonly referred to as the „Norwegian Program ".
- We drained especially the old part of the building, so that the water will no longer enter to the interior of the facility. On the other hand, inside the building we carried out demolition work and painting, and we also exchanged the floor. Damaged floor was replaced with floor tiles. We also replaced both internal and entrance door – said Jan Puchała, the Prefect of District.
Great convenience for the attendees of Nursing Home is also a new elevator, which replaced the existing lift that had a high failure rate.
You should know that in parallel the renovation and construction works in Social Welfare Home in Limanowa are carried out. Ongoing works include renovation of the facade of the building, as well as painting of interior rooms. However, the repairs of flooring and parquet and door woodwork were just completed.

Training for the staff of Nursing Homes in Limanowa and Mszana Dolna started

April 7, 2015.

In March 2015 began training for the staff of the two institutions involved in the project – Nursing Home in Limanowa and NH in Mszana Dolna.
Training is aimed at improving the qualifications of employees of both institutions in the field of care for the elderly and disabled. Training sessions are divided thematically, according to the identified needs and diagnosed problems.
Training is conducted in seven training topics:
1. Get to know, understand and support - psychological attitudes of care for older and disabled person.
2. To practice communication skills with dependants with impaired cognition and dementia.
3. New methods for the care of people with chronic diseases and bedridden people.
4. Addictions among the residents of the Nursing Home – how to help and prevent?
5. Rehabilitation support for the elderly after cerebral stroke.
6. Procedures to be used after fractures and injuries - the latest rules and trends.
7. Occupational therapy for the blind and visually impaired people.
Completion of the training is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.

Delivery of furniture to the Nursing Home in Szczyrzyc

April 2, 2015.

In March this year, the Nursing Home in Szczyrzyc has been equipped with new furniture. Under the project they purchased the complete furnishings for the residents' rooms, as well as for other rooms, including i.a.: beds, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, chairs, tables, armchairs, bookshelves, desks, etc. It is just a part of equipment planned under this project. The Nursing Home in Szczyrzyc, as well as NHs in Limanowa and Mszana Dolna, in addition to furnished rooms will also receive professional rehabilitation equipment, catering equipment with equipment for kitchens and dining rooms, bed sheets and others.

Progress in construction works in nursing homes

March 30, 2015.

In accordance with the planned schedule of works, by the end of the first quarter of 2015 in the Nursing Home in Limanowa they replaced the windows, as well as they made repair of calling signaling system (they dismounted and installed new call buttons and reset buttons; additionally one control unit was fitted in the duty office). The system has got a sound system and lights. In addition, they made repair and modernization of the electrical installation, partial renovation and modernization of bathrooms, as well as they installed entrance gate. On the other hand in the Nursing Home in Mszana Dolna they made repairs of internal premises, including the demolition and painting, as well as the replacement of floors and door woodwork.
Scheduled date of completion of all construction work is expected in the third quarter 2015.

Nursing Homes will get new furniture

February 20, 2015.

On February 20, Limanowa District entered into a contract with the Contractor for the supply and installation of furniture to the nursing home in Szczyrzyc under project entitled "Adaptation of the Limanowa District Nursing Homes to the needs of their residents through modernization, purchase of equipment, prevention and training."

Construction works commenced in two Nursing Homes

January 13, 2015.

On January 13, the Beneficiary has signed agreements with the Contractors of construction works in Nursing House in Limanowa and another nursing home in Mszana Dolna, Poland. The scope of works includes: comprehensive modernization of the Nursing Homes in Limanowa, including: replacement of windows, repairing and painting the facade, painting interior rooms, protection installations for walls, doors and corners, roof repair, repair of yards and sidewalks, repair of calling signalling installation, modernization of the gates, renovation and modernization of the electrical installation, upgrading bathrooms, air-conditioning installation, repair of floors and parquet, replacement and repair of door woodwork in a nursing home in Mszana Dolna, including: drainage of the old part of the building, renovation indoor spaces, replacement of flooring, replacement of doors, installation of a new passenger lift in the building.

Group therapy among the inhabitants of Nursing Homes

November 14, 2014.

On November 14, 2014 the Beneficiary has signed an agreement to conduct group therapy sessions among the inhabitants of Nursing Homes, who are alcohol and nicotine addicted (Nursing Homes in Limanowa, Mszana Dolna and Szczyrzyc). The first treatments began in NH in Limanowa and NH in Mszana Dolna.

Project opening conference

November 10, 2014.

On November 10, 2014 in the conference room of the Limanowa District Office was held the conference starting a project called "Adaptation of the Limanowa District Nursing Homes to the needs of their residents through modernization, purchase of equipment, prevention and training." The grand opening of the meeting and guests greeting was made by Jan Puchała, Head of the District. The meeting was attended by Mr. Mieczyslaw Uryga, District Board Member, Mr. Józef Pietrzak Chairman of the Committee for Nursing of Limanowa District Office, Ms. Maria Stokłosa, Vice-President for Nursing Affairs of Limanowa District Office, the directors and representatives of the Nursing Homes in Limanowa, Mszana Dolna and Szczyrzyc together with residents, the Director together with the Deputy Director of the District Family Assistance Centre in Limanowa, Heads of Commune and Municipal Nursing Centres, Project Team of the Development and Real Estate Management Department of Limanowa District Office. During the meeting, Mr. Jan Puchała, Head of Limanowa District presented the main objectives of the project, and Mr. Stanislaw Gorczowski, Director of the Development and Real Estate Department discussed in detail the project, noting the cost of the investment project, its timing, scope and expected results. In addition, the Director made familiar the guests with the principles of support under the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, with the procedures under which the project is funded, cooperation between Poland and Donor States and the benefits they bring. During the conference the added value and impact of support from the Financial Mechanism were clearly highlighted. The conference participants received leaflets informing about support a project funded by the Norwegian funds, its scope and objectives. Another part of the conference was the presentation of the Nursing Homes prepared by individual Directors, representatives of various institutions who briefly told how their daily work is, how many residents they have in homes and what are the problems associated with long-term care for dependents, the sick, the elderly and long-term sick people, and how are expectations relative to the implemented project. At the end of the conference, an anonymous survey was conducted among participants to verify the existing knowledge on the project and co-financing mechanism.

A funding (grant) agreement signed

October, 30, 2014.

On October 30, 2014 was signed the project financing agreement between the State Treasury - the Minister of Health, acting as the Programme Operator, represented by Mr. Slawomir Neumann and the Limanowa District - Beneficiary of the Project. The total value of the project is PLN 2,784,771.00. The value of the grant amounts to PLN 2,227,817.00, which represents 80% of the total eligible expenditure.

Ministry of Health issued a decision

July 30, 2014.

On 30 July 2014, upon the Ministry of Health decision, Limanowa District received funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget, under Programme PL07 Improvement and better alignment of health care to demographic and epidemiological trends, for the implementation of the project entitled Adaptation of Limanowa District Nursing Homes to the needs of their residents through modernization, purchase of equipment, prevention and training.